Bus Trip From Copenhagen

Shuttlebus from Copenhagen Airport to Metal Magic

Join the Bus of Madness to Metal Magic!
Cheaper, easier and way more fun than taking the train!

Facebook link to this bus event: Bus of Madness

Ticket options

Metal Magic festival ticket + bus ticket price: 1549 DKK

Tickets can be bought here

Preliminary time schedule

Departure from Copenhagen Airport Thursday, July 11th, at 11.00 am
Arrival at Festival ground in Fredericia at approximately 14.00 pm

Departure from Festival ground in Fredericia Sunday, July 14th, at 11.00 am
Arrival at Copenhagen Airport at approximately 14.00 pm

Arrivals are APROX. times, so be sure to have spare time regarding flights, etc.

The bus leaves from the parking lot outside Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport. It is very easy to find, just look for the metal-heads with lots of bags, drinking beer. We will also have people with METAL MAGIC signs.