Travel Info


You can take the airplane to Copenhagen Airport, from there take either the Deadbangers Shuttlebus or the train. The bus takes about 3 hours (including stops during the trip) and the train takes about 2,5 hours.


The Deadbangers Shuttlebus goes from Copenhagen airport directly to the venue and back again.


  • Get off at Fredericia train station
  • Walking distance from the local train station to the venue is 2,0 km.
  • If you don’t feel like walking, you can take a taxi. To order a taxi, call +45¬†75 50 34 11


  • Take freeway E20/E45, get off at exit 61

Google Map Directions

Click on the red marker on the map below and then click “Directions to”. Then you can type in the location you travel from and select a¬†transportation method. For example, type in “Fredericia station” and choose walking.