General Info

Festival dates

From Thursday July 11th to Saturday July 14th 2024.

The area is accessible from Wednesday July 10th 20:00 until Sunday July 14th 12:00.


Festival address

Idrætsvej 7
7000 Fredericia

On the map below you can find the location of the festival (red marker). The local train station, called “Fredericia st” on the map, is located South of the festival area.


Practical info

  • At the festival you can only pay with DKK, not with EURO!
  • Please support the festival by buying your beer and drinks at the festival bar. That is the only way to keep the prices low! You are not allowed to bring own alcohol to the festival area and you must be at least 18 years old to drink alcohol at the festival!
  • No grill or open fire!
  • Anyone who threatens the cozy atmosphere at Metal Magic may be expelled if necessary.
  • Children under the age of 12 accompanied by a paying adult has free entrance.
  • A paying, disabled person may bring his/her assistant for free.


It’s not allowed for guests or volunteers to bring their own alcohol to Metal Magic Festival. This will will be enforced by the festival.

It’s expensive to organize and run a festival, the expenses increase every year, and at the same time public funding is decreasing every year. Because of this, Metal Magic Festival’s existence strongly depends on the revenue from bar-sales. Bar-sales and ticket-sales are our main income – and thus the foundation for the entire festival. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that all of our guests buy their beverages in our well assorted beer- and cocktail-bars at the festival grounds. This is also the only way to keep our prices at the very reasonable level you have all grown accustomed to. The more we sell, the easier it is for us to keep the prices low.

In short: Reduced revenue from the bar = NO Metal Magic Festival in the future!

So please make it possible for us to keep on making the most important event of the year

MMF tokens for food & alcohol

  • Food and drinks options can only be bought with food or drink tokens.
  • Tokens must be purchased at the ‘ticket shop’ located near the entrance.
  • Tokens cannot be used at next year’s festival, so make sure that you use them all.
  • We accept Danish cash, credit card and MobilePay. We do not accept Euro!
  • Food tokens can be used in all the food stalls.
  • Showers are free this year.


Opening hours for food/drink token shop (located near the entrance)

  • Wednedsay: 20 – 01
  • Thursday: 10 – 02
  • Friday: 10 – 02
  • Saturday: 10 – 02

NB: A lot of various drinks can be bought at MMF for drink tokens. See the drinks menu at the festival bars.


Festival bars’ opening hours

NB: Tokens for beverages must be purchased at the entrance!

Main bar:

  • Wednesday: 20 – 01
  • Thursday: 10 – 02
  • Friday: 10 – 02
  • Saturday: 10 – 02

Open-air bar:

  • Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 16 – 00
  • Friday: 14 – 00
  • Saturday: 12 – 00


Merchandise & distros