General Info

Festival dates

From Thursday July 6th to Saturday July 8th 2017 (this date inclusive)

Camping area will be open from Wednesday 5th July at 20.00 pm and close Sunday July 9th at 15.00 pm

NB: People can sleep at the camp site until Sunday but no bands will be playing that day.

Festival address

7000 Fredericia

On the map below you can find the location of the festival (red marker). The local train station, called “Fredericia st” on the map, is located South of the festival area.

Door open & close times

  • Thursday 12 pm – 00 am
  • Friday 10 am – 00 am
  • Saturday 10 am – 00 am

Practical info

  • A shower ticket can be bought for 20 DKK / EURO 3
  • Children under the age of 12 attending with a paying adult has free entrance.
  • A paying handicapped person in a wheelchair who is accompanied by a helper can have the helper in for free.
  • You can buy shower tickets at the entrance. Price for each ticket: DKK 20 / EURO 3.
  • We accept payment by Dankort, VISA, MasterCard and mobile pay. We accept only credit card payment on the amount.

Festival bar

It is not allowed to bring your own alcohol to the festival area. Metal Magic solely exists because of the beer sales. Please respect this so we are able to keep on doing this fest. Thank you!

  • Tickets for beverages must be purchased at the entrance!
  • Opening hours for the train wagon bar:
    • Thursday: 12 pm (noon) – 02 am
    • Friday: 10 am – 02 am
    • Saturday: 10 am – 02 am
  • Opening hours for the bar next to the outdoor scene:
    • Thursday: 17 pm – 00 am
    • Friday: 12 pm (noon) – 00 am
    • Saturday: 12 pm (noon) – 00 am
  • Prices:
    • Beer (40 cl): DKK 25 / EURO 4
    • Soft drink (33 cl): DKK 15 / EURO 2
    • Cider (33 cl): DKK 30 / EURO 5
    • Coffee DKK 5 / EURO 1
  • Before the bar closes every night you can buy canned beers for the rest of the night.
  • Drink responsibly – yeah right!


  • Most types of food can be bought with food tickets only. 1 food ticket costs DKK 15 / EURO 2 and can only be bought at the entrance. Some types of food cost more than 1 ticket.
  • Food can be bought at various vendors in the food area.
  • “Farbar” is located at the skating area and will sell sausages, snacks, cakes, etc.
  • Ticket prices:
  • 1 Food ticket:  DKK 15 / EURO 2
    • 1 food ticket:  DKK 15 / EURO 2
    • French hotdog: 1 food ticket
    • Burger: 2 food tickets

Merchandise & distros

  • There will be a few distros present at the festival.
  • You will find a merchandise tent at the festival ground. Here you will be able to buy official
    Metal Magic merchandise and merchandise from the bands playing at the festival.

Venues for some MMF related events

Some events happening before and after the MMF dates (organized by the MMF crew) will sometimes take place at the venues listed below. These events will be posted on this subpage: Pre/Post Events


Prinsessegade 61
7000 Fredericia

Go to Generalen’s Facebook page


Oldenborggade 6
7000 Fredericia

Go to Kahytten’s Facebook page

On the map below you can find the location of Generalen (red marker to the right) and Kahytten (red marker to the left). The local train station, called “Fredericia st” on the map, is located West of the venues.